Car Care Tips

March 2018

Go Straight: Wheel Alignment for Whitehall Automobiles

Whitehall drivers may have an alignment problem if their car drifts or pulls to one side, the steering wheel's off center, they notice uneven tire wear or the car doesn't feel like it handles right as they drive down Whitehall, Ohio, streets and roads.When all of a vehicle's wheels are lin... Read More

Differential Service at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Whitehall

Here at AutoNetTV, we have national viewers, like your neighbors in Whitehall, who write to us with questions or feedback. One common question we're asked is: "What is a differential and what does it do?" You may have been told by your Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Whitehall service advisor t... Read More

What Whitehall Automotive Service Consumers Should Know

There are some things drivers should know about Whitehall car service and repair. First and foremost, Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Whitehall cares about you and your family's safety. And we really appreciate your business. Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Whitehall in Whitehall wants to build a tru... Read More

Stay Safe in Whitehall by Putting Your Cell Phone on ICE

We don't want to think about it, but each Whitehall resident who drives or rides in a vehicle is potentially an accident victim. In the worst-case scenario, those people are unconscious and unable to communicate with Ohio rescue workers.Rescue workers and Whitehall police are well aware of this ... Read More

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